During the summer of 2013 I participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival, with a group of local artists and dancers from Rotterdam.
In short, the festival invites creative individuals to gather a team, and the aim of the game is to make a film in only 48 hours. The teams are given requirements, including the necessary use of a certain prop, a character name and a sentence/line, that is given by the jury. The teams are given this information in the introduction talk on Friday evening, not knowing at all what it will be. They are then required to pick a genre out of a hat and they must work all these elements into this genre! They start the timer, and your team is free from that moment to let your creative juices start flowing!!
Sunday evening, exactly 48 hours later you must hand in your last edited version, including a poster!

Directed and Produced by William Lu.
Our team, W2 and Dancers.
Genre given: Sci-Fi
Prop: Torch
Line: ‘Thats what she said”
Character: Nicole van Tilburg

The finished product: OLANZAPINE.


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