“It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince. 

I think this quote is beautiful. It hits two important points in one simple sentence.

The first being, that time is never really ‘wasted’, which ties back to the idea of patience and endurance.
The second pointing out that time is what makes and shapes who we are; it cannot be forced, but allowed to naturally unfold.

This can be a frustrating reality, and one that we wish we had control over. However, if you think about it, if we take the longer road and have more time for the journey, why not embrace and enjoy it?

My point is, over the years, in my high school, university and now outside in the real world, I have noticed how beautifully my friends and colleagues have bloomed in their own time. It is like everyone has their own spring, and they simply have to keep feeding, watering and persisting until the right environment and timing comes.
To bloom, in my eyes, is when a certain maturity begins to present itself. It is hard to explain, however it feels almost like calm confidence and grounded presence in the way one moves. The way of someone being, that just looks right and beautiful as themselves.

The way we learn is unique to us; each dancer’s way of deciphering and embodying movement is different. Some learn and embody material very quickly whilst other’s need a little more time to decipher it, but once they get it faster. Some people enjoy working and developing on one’s own, whilst others flourish more in a group environment.

Teachers and choreographers are also a big influence on the way we develop. It is special when you find that person that you just ‘click‘ with, and that pushes you in a way that brings new discoveries. It can take one teacher to explain something with just a different wording or perspective, and you finally have that ‘light bulb’ break through. ‘Oh, so balancing isn’t a still-statue like position, but infact an ever-growing movement!’, etc.

Life has a way of kneading and creating, moulding and shaping us in a unique way. Try different things, find your way and embrace all that is thrown at you. Listen to all the advice and find what works for you. In the end, a rose needs both sunshine and rain in order to grow, so simply soak it all in!

– Madeline


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