‘In between goals there is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed.‘ Sid Caesar.

Last time I spoke of my friend ‘Patience’, and how we must call on this old lady when we are so eager to reach for our aspiration. I would like to add a little light on this idea and how we can come to be more at ease with this.

I am a collector of aspirations and quotes; I just love to spends hours in bookshops flipping through books for pictures and inspirational words, also on the web. I love to imagine the people who created them; what was happening in their life at that moment? What inspired them to share such wisdom and how did they come to be there? Over this year some of my findings have really stuck with me, including the following one:



This spoke to me at a time when I was so engrossed in doing all that I could to dance, that I realised life was going on as a blur around me, and I wasn’t even noticing. 
Sometimes someone needs to take you by both shoulders, stop you in your tracks, just to make you realise where you are.

We have to remember that life is what inspires us, and if we do not let ourselves live we will lose the essence of what is essentially behind our artistic expression and movement.

Patience gives us time, and time gives freedom to come up for air; to step away and let life happen to us for a little while.

What is the harm in that?

Who knows, maybe the path to which you aspire is standing in front of your very eyes, waving its arms desperately saying ‘Hello! Im already here!’. If you are already looking so far ahead, you may just simply miss it.

Don’t let yourself look over the subtle hints life is throwing at you!
and most importantly,



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