‘Success is a peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming’ John R. Wooden.

It was when I was leaving the youth dance company in San Sebastian, Dantzaz Konpainia, when my director Adriana Pous, the very wise lady that she is, told me a very important small piece of advice; ‘Now Madd, you must practice that old-lady called Patience’. At this moment I was leaving the company full of motivation and on an inspirational-high. After having worked intensively with such brilliant choreographers and people, I was so excited to share this with the outside world and was ready for what ever it threw at me.
I knew what she meant, however it was not until I had to call on this ‘old-lady‘ over and over again this past year, that I really understood. I think ‘Patience‘ is the most worn out tool of mine at the moment!
When one is so hungry to jump into their dance or artistic career, it is difficult to wait. How can you wait, when you have so much juice flowing in your veins, you just cannot sit still?
What is it exactly that we are waiting for? For most of us, it is that dream, that aspiration of fulfilling our goals and living our passion. Whatever or with whoever this may be, we picture it in our mind, and we aim for it with every essence and being of our body.
And that is the key point.
Most of the time we need time and steps to ‘get there‘, and if we are not careful we can overlook these steps as unimportant or frustratingly slow.

We have learnt over the years of training as professionals, what we must do to continue to grow in our career; keeping active, training, networking, auditioning, taking workshops, taking the time to see performances and continue to be inspired and continue to learn.
We obtain the knowledge of what we need to do, through other’s teachings and through our own experiences. So when you are doing all that you can, and honestly believe you are, yet it is taking it’s time to come, what do you do then??

Be Patient.

This does not mean you are not doing enough, or that you are letting it all fall away…
Not at all.

In fact, you are letting it brew. Like a simmering pot of stew, conjuring up an immensely, rich taste over time.

As John R. Wooden, one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time, expresses in his speech on Ted.com, ‘I say to you, in what ever you are doing, you must be patient…I believe we must have patience and I believe we must have faith. We must believe, really believe, that things will work out as they should, providing we do what we should’.

So in the meantime, take the small goals and steps with both hands full of possibilities. Enjoy what life brings you, in your career and personal life. Every experience is a positive one, shaping and influencing who you are.

When the time is right, it will be there for you, and this little ‘old-lady‘ can be put to rest, until a new dream or next adventure comes around.
Then you will be tested once again, and she will get out her walking-stick to poke and remind you that…

– Madeline.



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